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Free Consultation

Come to my office. Have some tea. Let's discuss your wants and needs for your pregnancy and birth and see if we're a good fit for each other. Bring your partner. Bring that giant list of questions. I love a list of questions.


Convenient and Comfortable Diagnostics

I offer standard prenatal diagnostics and lab work with information on evidence-based practice and an ongoing conversation about what is appropriate for you and your baby. Labs are drawn in the comfort of my office.


Water Immersion for Labor

Laboring in the water offers many advantages, including relief of pain and pressure during labor. I stock a portable inflatable tub for use by my clients who do not have a large tub in their home.


Gentle Newborn Care

Newborns are monitored closely for the first few hours after birth, but you almost wouldn't know it. Bonding and breastfeeding are honored, and exams are done gently, and slowly in a parent's arms or on the bed surrounded by family. Postpartum home visits include care for the baby too. Standard newborn screenings like the Newborn Metabolic Screening and Critical Congenital Birth Defect screening are part of that care.


Holistic Prenatal Care

Prenatal care that considers body, mind, spirit, culture, and circumstances. I book one hour for each appointment so we have plenty of time together to care for you and prepare for your birth.


Family- Centered Labor and Birth 

Laboring in the comfort and privacy of home is more than just a luxury. It allows the physiological process to unfold in an undisturbed manner. Having the midwife and supplies and equipment come to you offers an advantage in minimizing interventions. Home is a sacred place. I'm honored to assist families in welcoming their babies in their own homes.

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Comprehensive Postpartum Care

Clients enjoy in-home postpartum care, starting with a home visit 24 hours after birth, and every day or two as needed for the first week. This is intensive postpartum care that includes clinical checkups, breastfeeding guidance, remedies for physical recovery, and emotional and mental and social support.

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Nutritional Support and Supplements

Nutritional assessments, exercise recommendations, self-care instruction, and supplement recommendations are offered as part of routine prenatal care.

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Individualized Childbirth Preparation

My care package includes one-on one, individualized childbirth education and preparation, a custom made pregnancy journal, and supplements and self care items to support you in your pregnancy and postpartum journey.


Specialized Doula Care and Co-Care

VBAC? Pre-exisiting condition?Wish you could have the support and expertise of a midwife, but really need to have your baby at the hospital? I offer specialized doula services for higher risk pregnancies.

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