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Modern Science blended with Ancient Wisdom

Personalized, Holistic Care   

Practice that is respectful of gender identity, sexual orientation, race, culture, family structure, trauma history, and religious belief

My Story

I started out as an EMT. I was in love with all things biology, but especially loved the idea of being there for people in those life-changing moments; offering calm, efficient assistance when it was critical. Looking back, though, it makes more sense that I ended up a midwife. When I was a kid, and we were playing mommas with baby dolls under our shirts, I was always the one “delivering” the babies. But even as a child, I had a love for natural therapies too... I was forever tromping in the woods, trying to learn which plants were edible, which ones were poison, which ones were medicine. In EMT school, I devoured articles on the use of hypnosis in trauma treatment, or how meditation affected cancer. Herbal remedies, meditation, compassionate healing touch; I believed in those things as much as I believed in heart surgery and antibiotics.

When I found myself pregnant with my first child, I drove 115 miles, across state lines to employ the services of a midwife. It was worth it. My out-of-hospital birth was everything I wanted. As I spent those early years raising my child, I dipped my toes in the waters (pun totally intended) by working part time as a doula. It satiated my need to be there for people, but it was just a side gig, something to get me by until I could go back to my real career.


one day...

I was offered an apprenticeship to study midwifery. My preceptor saw in me the ability to intervene quickly when circumstances warranted it, but also to allow things to unfold naturally without unnecessary fiddling. I will forever appreciate her seeing that midwifery would be a good fit for me and that I would be a good fit for midwifery. I couldn’t ignore the call to be a midwife; to marry my technical medical skill with my love for nature; to stand with someone at that moment when they transition to a new place in their lives; to provide holistic, compassionate, one-on-one, individualized care.


I have 14 years of experience in birth work which includes seven years as a licensed midwife. I am licensed by the state of Louisiana and hold the Certified Professional Midwife designation from the North American Registry of Midwives. I sit on the board of directors for the Louisiana Midwives Association. I offer home birth care to families in Shreveport, LA and the surrounding areas.

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