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Planning your birth is a big undertaking, requiring decisions that can only really be made with thorough information. Why not have the expertise of an experienced midwife to guide you through the process? Jen has spent over 15 years helping families prepare for their big day and has developed a series of interactive courses to help you navigate your childbearing years. These classes are open to anyone, anywhere, any birth setting.

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Childbirth Preparation

A comprehensive series of classes that covers
Patient rights and responsibilities
Informed consent and refusal
Anatomy and mechanics of labor
Common medical interventions-

how they are done, when they are appropriate

Techniques to minimize medical interventions

Labor comfort measures

Writing a birth plan

navigating postpartum

Writing a Birth Plan

The act of writing a birth plan serves many purposes. It leads the client to research the various tests, procedures and interventions that are part of pregnancy and birth. It facilitates communication between the client and care provider. And serves as a concise document that can communicate preferences quickly at the time of the birth. Let Jen help you get started with this free birth plan guide.

Family Planning

Standard Days Method is a fertility tracking method that can get you started with tracking your cycles and pinpointing when you are likely to be fertile to decrease or increase your chances of becoming pregnant. It can be a stepping-stone to more complicated natural family planning methods, or it can be combined with barrier methods. Even if the Standard Days Method isn't ideal for you, it can help you sort out your options for family planning. I feel strongly that comprehensive sex education should be available to everyone, so I offer free private Standard Days Classes.

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